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Product profile
This standalone vehicle sensor is installed on the floor or ground at the rear of a parking space, and uses reflected ultrasonic waves to determine whether a vehicle is present.
Whereas its predecessor, the EP-I, required a separate control board, the EP-II is capable of determining by itself whether a vehicle is parked in a parking space.
  • Standalone detection

    Equipped with a single-chip microcomputer, the sensor is capable of detecting vehicles by itself.
    All it needs is a power supply.

  • Customization of detection conditions

    The detection requirements and other settings can be altered using a special tool and personal computer, making it easily configurable according to purpose of use.

  • Suitable for outdoor use

    Like the EP-I, the EPI-II has a splash-proof aluminum outer casing, making it suitable for use outdoors.

  • Expandability

    By changing the program, the EP-II can be used for a variety of purposes. (Please contact us for details regarding the additional cost of development of other programs.)

  • Open collector output

    Output is in the easily handled open collector format.
    Operation of relay and LEDs can be easily operated.

The EP-II offers a simple and convenient way of detecting use of small numbers of parking spaces.
It is also suitable for a range of other uses when used in combination with other equipment.
(One present use is as a drive-through vehicle sensor at fast-food restaurants.)
Cable input/output specifications
Wire color Details
Brown Detection output (open collector)
White Expansion I/O (not used with basic type)
Black GND
Blue Power supply input
Power supply specifications
Rated supply voltage DC12V
Consumption current Up to 25mW
Rated output 100mW (open collector output)