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Exnos parking navigation systems

Exnos parking navigation systems

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A constant problem with the disabled parking spaces *1) provided for the convenience of wheelchair users near store entrances and exits is that their use is abused by able-bodied drivers. Install an Exnos parking space protection system for wheelchair users. A gate is installed so that the space cannot be used by ordinary vehicles. Registered wheelchair users are loaned a remote control device with which the gate is lowered in order to park. *2) Unregistered drivers can also have the gate lowered remotely by contacting the control center by intercom or calling a toll-free number.
*1) Parking spaces cannot be used by wheelchair users unless sufficient room is provided for opening and closing of doors. *2) Unique IDs are used for the remote control signals to prevent abuse.
*3) Details of the parking system are different in each store.
Information boards Remote control Computer control screen
Information boards that receive and transmit signals feature LED symbols to display availability, and are also equipped to provide various voice information. Gates are lowered by a special remote control device or operated remotely by the control center. (for monitoring of use and remote lowering of gates)

  ▲ Gate raised by remote control

▲ After the vehicle has exited , the gate
    automatically return to the down position.
▼ Example of parking system in use